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Selected Commissioned Paintings

Paintings with a variety of media options of your photos or design


Selected Commissioned Drawings

Capture a moment of someone special in your life or an iconic image with a drawing.


Selected Commissioned Wycinanki (Traditional Art of Polish Paper-cutting)

Customizing options include representing family members, special occasions, and holidays.

Handmade Keepsake Paper Art

Tell your family's story with  paper made from keepsake cotton material (handkerchiefs, t-shirts) and small keepsake mementos (such flowers, buttons and jewelry) with your vintage frame or one of ours - 

from 4"x6" to 11"x14". Pricing varies.


Selected Commissioned Vignettes (Mother Goose-themed)

Offering original and unique murals and vignettes for children's rooms, libraries, sport dens, kitchens, bathrooms and more! Contact Cheryl for options and pricing 

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