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More about me and what I do 

After attending Eastern Michigan University and earning a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree (and, later, a Master of Science Degree), I’ve held a number of art-related positions – graphic designer, gallery manager, art instructor, muralist, set designer, architectural historian - and currently serve as the curator of the Argus Museum and am the proprietor of Cheryl’s Creative Custom Art & Framing. Beginning with the 1981 Michigan Watercolor Society exhibit to much more recently being honored as one of the artists chosen featured in a Detroit Institute of Arts-sponsored event - the 2019 Canvas Pontiac project - earning a second place award - I have exhibited my work throughout the Midwest.

Realizing Common Threads of Eclecticism

Although my art can be described as eclectic, it shares common themes and is often inspired by nature, my travels and experiences, and by my love of history. While places, people and cultures, offer unique perspectives and experiences, there are universal ideals and shared history, knowledge and spirit that transcend time and place. I strive to touch upon these connections, these common threads. Although I work in a variety of media, employing textures, light and color to convey my impression of a place, culture, moment or memory is evident throughout my art. I appreciate exploring materials, methods and ideas, while staying true to them, as they guide me to a finished piece of art.

My Inspirations and My Art 

Artist specializing in nature, travel, architecture and cultural-inspired paintings and photography

Riot of Wildflowers- created on handmade paper with fabric dyes, encaustic medium and inks
Leaves in Suspension  - Created on handmade paper with fabric dyes, encaustic medium and i
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